Collaborative Family Law is a process which allows the parties to negotiate their divorce out-of-court by attending a series of meetings with their attorneys and any relevant experts in order to work through the pertinent issues until they reach agreement. By working with a divorce “team,” the parties are able to take the lead in negotiating their divorce in a cooperative, informative and efficient manner. In many cases, the meetings are led by a divorce coach who is often a mental health professional.

A key aspect and motivator behind the collaborative process is an agreement by the attorneys, and any involved consultants, that they will withdraw from the case if the negotiations break down and the case goes to court. This agreement provides a built-in financial incentive for the parties to do what it takes to make the process work. When it appears the parties may be at an impasse in their negotiations, the underlying threat of both sides having to hire a new team of professionals is often enough to moving the process forward in a positive direction. Further information on this innovative process can be found on the website for the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council (“MCCLC”) where Attorney Cohen is an active member.