The divorce process can be difficult and put an incredible amount of stress on everyone involved, including your children. Family law mediation is a less expensive and more informal option to litigation, and offers an opportunity to reach agreements and find creative solutions for the relevant issues — such as the division of property, financial support, and custody — with the facilitation of a trained neutral mediator.

Typically, the parties, either with or without attorneys, sit in the same room as the mediator, as they review and discuss the relevant issues and conflicts, and work to find possible resolutions.  The mediator guides this process by facilitating honest and open communication, information-sharing, and creative problem-solving, with the goal of addressing each party’s needs and concerns.  Once a mediated solution is reached, the mediator drafts an agreement, which is then filed with the court and approved by a Probate and Family Court Judge. 

Attorney Karen B. Cohen offers sensitive, sophisticated and informed guidance throughout the mediation process, which has proven to be an excellent choice for resolving many types of family conflicts. Further information regarding this option can be found on the website for the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (“MCFM”), where Attorney Cohen is an active member.