Family Law Attorney

Individuals facing divorce or separation need an advocate that will guide them and protect their interests. The issues to be resolved may include the division of assets, such as real estate or a family-owned business. Custody and parenting disputes may arise, and become even more complicated when one parent decides to relocate to another state. Some cases involve the trauma of domestic violence or child abuse and require a certain sensitivity and understanding of complex family dynamics. Pre-marital and post-marital agreements may be required when the goal is to protect prior income and assets, as well as family money and future inheritances.

Understanding the issues and providing forceful, skillful and committed advocacy is essential in all of these situations. And while alternative dispute methods, such as mediation and collaborative law, offer a viable option in many circumstances, there are times when litigating a case - which can include subpoenaing records, taking depositions, and vigorously fighting for a client’s rights at court - is the necessary approach to achieve the desired goal. Attorney Cohen’s twenty-five years of experience as a litigation attorney has prepared her to effectively use the tools of litigation to zealously represent her clients in order to achieve the most favorable outcomes.